IPLC Restocking Complete

We are providing more availability to IPLC services!

3rd Feb 2020
Need help finding out the service fits you most?

If you don't know which should you get. don't hesitate to check this helper article: https://tunnel.work/knowledgebase/38/Which-service-fits-me-most.html

Alternatively, you can also contact us directly to get help.

24th Dec 2019

The amount you spent today would be fully duplicated and deposit into your account for future purchases. Purchase a $3 service, you pay $3, get the service, and get another $3 into your account without another payment! It is a Win-Win. Order now and enjoy the Cyber Monday! (Up to $100 per customer, Money-Back Guarantee does not apply)   Read More »

2nd Dec 2019
Be Water - Dynamic Service Available

"Be water." This was the principle of the long-lasting protest in Hong Kong before the siege started. And our heart is bond with those brave fighters in Hong Kong.  So, today the dynamic services are available. Just like the liberty fighters, our service node keeps moving and will not get cornered - The IP changes from time to time.  We shall ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2019
Black Friday is COMING...

COMING SOON...... And Cyber Monday!

18th Nov 2019
Fee rate adjustments

From Nov 1, 2019, a one-time setup fee will apply to all newly purchased products. 
Amount of setup fees: 50% of the monthly labeled recurring price.

21st Oct 2019
Service Recovery Schedule for Chinese Users

Greetings! valued users: We received a few reports saying that the current incident has come to an end, thus we are announcing the approximate schedule of the service accessibility recovery in China: Server Included Service Recover before 1.GIA.HK Platinum, Regional Pass - Hong Kong - Recovered - 1.SGTEL.SGP Gold, Regional ... Read More »

7th Oct 2019
Bug fixed, and please join us!

As you may have noticed, our order system goes wrong in some way in the past several days and you could not make any purchase on new services. We are completely unaware of this issue until a customer pointed it out in our support ticket system.  Now the problem has been fixed, we are truly sorry for any inconvenience the issue may have brought ... Read More »

15th Sep 2019
NETOUCHER Anniversary started!

We are celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of NETOUCHER!

Please try out our new powerful and impressive services: IPLC series.

When making a purchase, you can use promo code: NTC2019 to receive a 50% off discount for the first month!

15th Aug 2019
Upcoming Event Schedule

There're a few special events in the upcoming months! Check them out:



15th-30th: NETOUCHER LIMITED Anniversary (Special offers, new service nodes, and more service type!)


11th-17th: Mid-Autumn Festival Special Offer


25th-31st: Halloween Special Offer


29th: Black Friday Flash Sale

2nd Aug 2019