Not working? Maybe your port is blocked.

To prevent abuse, we cannot make the "Change Port" function public. So if your service is not working, you can just go to submit a ticket and we will change the port for you! 

Free of charge!

7th Mar 2019
Annual Maintanence Scheduled

We have scheduled the annual maintanence on March 2. 

This maintenance will start at 3PM (GMT) and last for about 10 hours. During the maintenance, you will not be able to access the Client Area. Support ticket, service management will be unavailable. 


Thanks for your cooperation.

13th Feb 2019
US Plan Upgraded!

We are pleased to announce that our US plans are fully upgraded!

We have removed the VPLS nodes, and enabled Cogentco(on #1) and Anchnet(on #2) nodes! On these new nodes, GIA CN2 is enabled, which allows users to experience the real congestion-less internet.


5th Feb 2019
About the Internet in China

Network censorship is rare and inappropriate for a civilized country; however, it thrives in China. In such a peaceful era that is open, inclusive, and diverse, the censorship from its government will poison and twist the future development path of China. Thus, the meaning of information neutrality is much more significant for those living in ... Read More »

23rd May 2018
Anti-fraud policy updates

According to our statistic log, we have detected some abusive action on our service. The related services have been restricted and the related email accounts have been reported to authorities and a few credit blacklists.To prevent abusive using and improve our service quality, from today on, any order from accounts using unidentifiable Non-human ... Read More »

12th Apr 2018
Maintenance complete. Services online.

Glad to announce that our maintenance is over and all services are back to online! We are truly sorry for the inconvenience during the maintenance. We do hope the new system will work well and satisfy you all!BTW, our Hong Kong node is now have direct route to People's Empire of China but due to it is being attacked, we have rerouted it ... Read More »

17th Mar 2018
Intermediate node for Primed US nodes shutting down notification

To guarantee the connection speed, we are shutting down the intermediate node for Primed US nodes. At the same time, the server addresses would be changed. You need to update the configuration on your devices. Please log in to client area and view the detail changes.The intermediate node for Primed US Nodes will be no longer available after Feb 5, ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2018
We are being interfered in P.R.China

To all customers in P.R.China,
We are very sorry for all of our services were being interfered in P.R.China. 
Currently, we are simply using an intermediate node to transfer our traffic. But it doesn't seem to be an effective way.
If you have any idea about the interference these days, please contact us. Thank you.

18th Jan 2018
Alipay Gateway is available

We are happy to announce that our Alipay QR Code payment gateway is now online. By the way, our Alipay website payment gateway is in testing and will be available soon!

7th Jan 2018
Payment gateway suspend notification

Dear customers,We are sorry for the inconvenience, but our Alipay gateway is currently unavailable.Our contract with Alipay is under evaluation for some upgrade. During the evaluation, the former Alipay gateway will be shut down, as Alipay do not allow a merchant keeps more than one Alipay business account. If your invoice is about to ... Read More »

4th Jan 2018