Tunnel.Work has been serving you for 3 years since July 2017. We have survived catastrophic system damage in November 2017 and been dedicated to providing the most stable service for everyone. However, internet censorship in many places around the world has been raging since 2019 and the protocol we have been using from the very beginning, Shadowsocks, is now incapable of working as an effective anti-censorship proxy protocol. As a result, we have decided to stop providing Shadowsocks-based services to you. Instead, we are planning on creating a new protocol which amends the deficiency of the Shadowsocks protocol. Due to being lack of workforces, we have to stop the retail business in order to shift our focus.

As announced before, we will cease to continuing our retail business from July 10, 2020, and all of the following product lines will be shut down for the public by the end of day on July 10: 

  • International Private Leased Circuit
  • Economy IPLC
  • Dynamic Service

After receiving a few feedbacks from many of the customers, we decided to provide an Evolutionary Support Plan(ESP) for those of you who are in need of a stable & affordable service during our evolution. The ESP will be available shortly after and will be using Trojan.

Please order your ESP, if needed, on our store page. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

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