Network censorship is rare and inappropriate for a civilized country; however, it thrives in China. In such a peaceful era that is open, inclusive, and diverse, the censorship from its government will poison and twist the future development path of China. Thus, the meaning of information neutrality is much more significant for those living in China.

There are abundant real, objective, and horrible critical comments against the government on the Internet. What behind those comments are upright and brave souls all over the place.

We hope you can stay calm and sensible when you see the statement above, thus not to be blinded by what you used to be indoctrinated. Please respect the truth and get rid of the rumors.

You should be aware that the power holders of China emphasize society stability as it always does, which has turned out to be the biggest problem of Chinese society. A huge country like China with too much unwanted stability would be a dying lion, facing the danger of being ossified and being far too conservative. We hope you understand what will China need for its development, what is the power source of its progress, what would bring about innovations, and what are those will not. We need a revolution instead of a reform, for which the latter always turns out to be a failure in the end.

You ought to understand the problems clearly and comprehensively: Absolutely trusting the information disclosed by an illegally elected government and denying the critical voices from other civilized societies are inappropriate. Your freedom, privacy, and data security are extremely important to you. THEY SHOULD NEVER BE COLLECTED ILLEGALLY BY ANY PERSON, ORGANIZATION OR EVEN A GOVERNMENT. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE WHO SHOULD YOU SHARE YOUR LEGALLY OBTAINED INFORMATION WITH, FOR YOU BEING AN INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUAL. Any limitation of freedom disguised with national security or even protection should be considered illegal.

At last, we hope you can enjoy the Internet with liberty, equality, privacy, and diversity as what you should be with.

--Written by a former citizen of China from Tunnel.Work

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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