According to our upstream provider, there's a serious shortage of IP addresses. Thus, we will not be able to bring some of the nodes back for users in China, at least in a short time.

Nodes that won't be available in China temporarily OR discontinued (regional):

  • Japan: 1.IIJ.JP, 2.IIJ.JP, 3.IIJ.JP(discontinued), 4.IIJ.JP(discontinued), 1.SFBK.JP(discontinued), 2.SFBK.JP(discontinued)
  • Hong Kong: 1.WTT.HK

Nodes that are available in China OR will be available soon (regional):

  • US: 1.QDN.US, 2.ZEN.US, 1.GIA.US, 2.GIA.US
  • Japan: 1.SB.JP
  • Hong Kong: 1.GIA.HK
  • Singapore: 1.SGTEL.SGP, 1.SGGS.SGP

We feel very sorry to all of you who are impacted in this incident, however, please understood that GFW isn't a factor that we can control and the only way to restore the services is IP replacement. Due to the massive IP blocking happened in the past month, most of our upstream provider could not guarantee to provide us any UNBLOCKED IP, that's why we failed to restore some of the services for users in China. We will soon be introducing a new product series which is established on a private route and will not be affected by GFW. Please stay tuned.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

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