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Updated on Feb 13, 2020, Thursday

Tunnel.Work Internet Services

We (Tunnel.Work Internet Services) are providing time-based services and may provide other services. This policy is available to time-based services only.


100% Money Back Guarantee

We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee to all official version services. Any invoice generated by purchasing or renewing is eligible for unconditional refunding in the following 48 Hours after payment was complete. The related funds would be refunded via the same gateway with the payment.

Once more than 10% of the resource quota in the plan was consumed, a service would be no longer eligible for 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The multiple services purchased/renewed by one single invoice do not accept respective request of refund.

Conditional Refund Policy

When you need to cancel your service for some reason, you may meet some special occasions below set by Conditional Refund Policy:

  • The service has exceeded the time limit of 100% Money Back Guarantee but has never been used.
  • The service to cancel is experiencing/ will experience a service maintenance which would still more than 24 Hours.
  • Service quality decrease/ service unavailable caused by service offering problems.
  • Service quality decrease/ service unavailable caused by user’s personal reason, including but not limited to network environment/geography factor/politics factor.


In the occasions above, you may be qualified for a conditional refund. The related pro-rated funds would be refunded to user’s account.


Refusal of Refund

We reserve the rights to reject your refund application when:

  • Your account violates Terms and Conditions.
  • You were found to share your service with others.
  • Your service plan quote is less than 10% in the current period.
  • You used to apply for any kinds of refund more than twice in one calendar month.
  • You are a Chinese (PRC) user* with any service blocked in PRC during (not before) your billing cycle.
  • Your service has been terminated/canceled upon your request.

 *Chinese (PRC) User: Any user located in China for more than 1 day during the service period. Including but not limited to: citizen of China, permanent resident of China, passenger, international labor 


About refund arbitration

All payment institutes Tunnel.Work cooperates with require their users get in touch with the merchant before applying for an arbitration/intervention. Any fraud activity towards third-party payment platform/credit cards issue institute would be reported to credit agencies and other authorities.

  • Refund Policy
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