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Updated on April 26, 2020

Tunnel.Work Internet Services

Tunnel.Work™ is a trademark of Tunnel.Work Internet Services Provider and follows the related privacy policy. Moreover, we assure you:

  • We will encrypt all of your outbound/inbound data and ensure its confidentiality when you are using Tunnel.Work™ crypto network tunnel service.
  • All of the communications with the website and client area of Tunnel.Work™ are encrypted and transferred by HTTPS, with the SSL certifications issued by trusted ROOT Certification Authorities. The account password was saved after being irreversibly coded with hash algorithms. Therefore, except user(s) himself/herself/itself/themselves, anyone including the staffs of Tunnel.Work Internet Services Provider could not get to know the password.

If there are any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us as soon as possible.

The information we collect

When you create an account, purchase products, download applications, access services, contact us for support, create a support ticket, or get involved an online user survey, we may fetch your information, including your name (registered nickname), billing address, phone number, email address, preferred language options, IP address, hardware device unique identifier (including but not limited to MAC address) and payment method. 

The traffic data size (for example, 100MB) during the use of the services for each hour would not be recorded for more than 12 hours and would only be used to determine fair-using of the user. 

Using of the information

  • In order to create account, identify users, provide support, improve product performance and appearance and promote new function or new product, we may require you to provide your personal information such as your account name, telephone number, e-mail address and so on to confirm your identity.
  • Device identifier, logs, IP address, location information, network information, error code, and such other characteristic information would be used to acknowledge the service status, analyze, improve product performance, and resolve failures.
  • Order information, payment method, IP address, hardware device unique identifier would be used to process transactions and prevent fraud trades.
  • Email address, telephone, and other contact information would be used to deliver the important notifications, product information, failure report, promotion information, activity forecast, and policy changes. If you do not want to opt-in our market mailing list, you can unsubscribe anytime or contact customer service to opt-out.
  • We may use personal information for audit, data analysis and research purposes, in order to improve products, services, and communications with customers.


Accessing/updating/deleting the information

User can request to access the collected data. In some specific cases, we reserve the rights to ask you for identity verification, in order to keep your privacy safe.

User can update the collected information in the client area at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to update the information timely, in order to ensure the information recorded is up-to-date.

User can request to delete the collected data. By requesting data delete, you will be no longer a user of Tunnel.Work Internet Services.

Data Consenting

By registering to be our client, you consent us to collect and use your data. We promise to use your data anonymously.

Disclosure to third-party

Only when you violated our Terms of Service, we may submit your information (Usually your email address, sometimes along with your payment gateway identifier) to internet fraud databases.

We will not disclose your information to any other third-party organization under any circumstances. As a non-country based service provider, we decided to reject the request from all kinds of authorities. 

Privacy Protection

We are dedicated to the confidentiality and integrity of your personal identity. To prevent the unintentional information leaking, please provide the least information you would like to disclose to us only.  

We wish you can provide your email address accurately with an identifiable nickname. Disclosure about any other information is unnecessary and dangerous.

Amending of this Privacy Policy

The related content of this Privacy Policy may take changes. We (“Tunnel.Work Internet Services”) reserve the right to amend all policies, guidelines and disclaimer without notification.

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