TunnelWork Internet Services

TunnelWork is an organization founded in order to fight against any Audit, Biases, and Censorships that have been brought from the physical world into the Internet.

In 2016 the UN General Assembly passed a non-binding Resolution that “declared internet access a human right.” but what we see is quite the opposite. Instead of securing the internet access to everyone equally, government of each country has been heavily abusing the physical world power and tend to extend such influence into our virtual world. We see governments keep trying to Audit, Bias and Censor our online environment.

Up to date today, part of our services have been officially claimed to be illegal in countries including but not limited to China(including Hong Kong SAR), India, Iran, Kazakhstan. And we are proud of it.

Non-Compliance Policy

Starting 2019, TunnelWork terminated the legal relationship with NETOUCHER LIMITED (GB) and became a sole-trader in terms of legal status. This decision was made based on the fact that we need to make sure TunnelWork is not being legally bound to compliance to any sovereignty’s jurisdiction. And since being legally independent, TunnelWork has shutdown all government-facing negotiation channel and stopped responding to any government information disclosure inquiry.

However, (bitterly,) to maintain good standing in terms of a trading party, we need to adopt Safe Harbor Policy: any alleged violation of law/regulation will result in the immediate termination of the Master Service Agreement between us and the related user. We enforce this policy in exchange for the privilege that user information with us is not required to be provided to any law enforcement agency.