TunnelWork Internet Services

The information we collect

When you create an account, purchase products, download applications, access services, contact us for support, create a support ticket, or get involved in an online user survey, we may fetch your information, including your name (legal name or nickname), invoice address, phone number, email address, preferred options, IP address, hardware device unique identifier (including but not limited to MAC address) and payment method.

However, we do not collect nor inspect the traffic data you generated when you use our services.

Who we share your data with

We do not explicitly share your data with any third party. However, your data could be implicitly recorded by the provider of network infrastructures, including but not limited to your ISP, the peering ISPs, the ISP of our data centers, your operating system, and software providers.

Starting January 2020, in the light of #InternetNeutrality campaign, we stopped collaborating with any cross-border law enforcement agencies. So the usage data collected at a data center would only be shared with its local law enforcement agency.

How long we retain your data

Unless otherwise stated, we retain your data for the entire service period, starting from the day you register to become a user and until the day you choose to voluntarily close your account, plus 90 days for any possible post-service collection/dispute/lawful purposes. After which, your account will be permanently closed and all your user data with us will be lost.

For users that register on our website (if any), we allow users to check, update, and remove the personal information they provide in their user profiles. We limit the visibility of such information internally so our staff couldn’t view or alter such info unless their work type requires such ability.

Suggestion on protecting your privacy

You are encouraged to provide minimal information as fit. We understand that our service exists in contradiction to some local, regional, or even national legal requirements. Although we promise to be #NonCompliance to them, some of them may use overwhelming power on us to acquire your data. Therefore, we advise you not to disclose anything that may help accurately identify your real-world identity.

Amend of this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is mostly fixed and as required by law, any updates (excluding typo fixes) will be delivered to you as a registered user via email.