TunnelWork Internet Services

7-day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a 7-day Money-Back Guarantee to any customer that is not satisfied with our service quality. A payment on a product/service, when is eligible, could be reversed and credited back to your account/bank/card should you cover the transaction fee that occurred.


To be qualified for the Money-Back Guarantee, both customer as the owner of the service AND the service itself must both meet the criteria. Any customer/service failed to meet the criteria is considered ineligible to this policy and will be therefore not eligible for a refund.

a customer must meet all criteria listed below:

  • Is currently an active customer without any unresolved account restriction/hold.
  • Is not an Affiliated user, or is the only user in the Affiliation.
  • Haven’t applied for any Money-Back Benefit in the past 90 days.
  • Has a non-negative account balance.
The Money-Back Guarantee applies only to product/service that meets all criteria listed below:

  • Paid through a contract-based recurring payment and is currently in its FIRST billing cycle.
  • Is not a product/service shared within an Affiliation.
  • No more than 25% of any allocated resources have been consumed. Allocated resources are listed by the Service Agreement/Contract, may include but are not limited to data transfer, harddrive storage, CPU/GPU computing hours, port.

In addition, the refund request must be submitted within 7-days since the payment has been made, accurate to date only. For example, an order placed at 7:00 AM, January 11 will be eligible for a refund until 12:00 AM, January 19.

Partial Refund

Currently, we do not offer any form of partial refund. A 100% Money-Back is the only refund option. When your condition does not meet the criteria for Money-Back Guarantee, we will not offer ANY refund option to fiat currencies. You may still apply for a refund and we will credit your account with us.

Decline of refund

Please be advised that this offer is made based on a fair-use scenario. We reserve the right to decline your Money-Back Guarantee when your action is subject to service abuse under our jurisdiction.

Voluntary forfeit of rights with payment service provider

By agreeing to this policy, you are voluntarily forfeiting your rights to submit a request for arbitration to the payment service provider you choose to pay your account with.

If we received a notification of arbitration from any provider regarding your payment, we would regard your account as paid via a stolen payment method and therefore directly terminate your account. Your data will be retained for at most 90 days for any possible cyber attack crime investigation.