Uncensored Internet Access is a basic human right.

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Why We Do

We are dedicated to fighting against all kinds of local, nationwide, and even international internet censorship.

Because here at Tunnel.Work, we believe that censorship over the internet is unjustifiable. An equal opportunity for everyone to learn what this world looks like should be guaranteed as one of the basic human rights — as it is the only way to inspire everyone and eliminate ignorance.

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What We Offer

Censorship Circumvention

Building anti-censorship products for end-users.

Network Augmentation

Boosting the availability of your application with our infrastructure.

Research Insights

Enabling all the greatness that comes after us by inspiring the next generation.

Who We Are

Gaukas Wang

Core Technician

Starting 2017, Tunnel.Work have been providing censorship circumvention services with high availability and low latency to customers all over the world.

With the core team comes from the most censored countries in the world, we understand censorship better than others from the impacts to the underlying philosophies.

Our engineer team is closely cooperating with all kinds of university labs, organizations, and foundations to make sure our intel is always up-to-date.